By the entrance to the beautiful Park Zdrojowy in Konstancin, in a neoclassical villa, resembling the pavilions of Łazienki Królewskie you will come upon an intriguing place – Park Cafe & Rest. It is more than a restaurant.


“Barely a few hundred meters away, surrounded by old trees, the graduation tower breathes, whose life-giving, mineral strength can be cleary felt in the nostrils and throat. Lungs frantically absorb the balmy air,  they gasp while the blood foams and boils “- culinary critic, Maciej Nowak, described his first impressions from his visit.

In the vast gardens around the villa you sit at tables set directly on the grass or on the terrace. Music, played on the grand piano set in the shade of trees, makes talks with friends or loved ones even more pleasurable. For those in need of a siesta and sipping white wine there are also deckchairs. Under a tree you will find a table with a chessboard that looks as if Alice from Wonderland had just sat by it. The lucky ones can enjoy an after dinner round of chess with the owner, the loser pays the bill. Because everything here is “enchanting”, even time passes slower. The family atmosphere is taken care of by a young staff.

During the cooler and rainy days, you can warm up by the fireplace and enjoy the view of the garden through the great Venetian windows. The chef recommends veal escalopes served with homemade dumplings or pork tenderloins in a mushroom sauce served with gratin and a mix salad. The tenderloins are soft, slightly pink on the inside and the mushroom sauce has more mushrroms than sauce … yum …. The schnitzel pork chop with cabbage and potatoes is a simple, but very tasty dish. Another proposal is the penne with chicken and sun-dried tomatoes in a cream sauce, a very tasty, seasoned pasta proposition. The menu is dominated by simple and seasonal dishes.

Family cuisine, suburban atmosphere. The most unique and full of atmosphere place in the south of Warsaw.



Konstancin is a health resort town located 20 km south of Warsaw. Konstancin received its status of a health resort almost a hundred years ago. In the oldest part of town you can find Park Zdrojowy, and the graduation tower, which is a kind of open-air inhalation.



Parc Cafe & Rest
Sienkiewicza 3
05-510 Konstancin-Jeziorna

Opening hours:
Wednesday – Sunday
12:00 – 22:00

Tel: 781 830 265/604 461 497

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